Catering Information

Anka Grill is happy to cater for your next event, meeting, party or gathering. We offer a great selection of fresh, tasty and healthy options from the mediterranean. We only use the best ingredients and you can count on everything to be fresh and made according to your needs and specifications.

Terms and Policies

Please place your order by 5pm the day before your event. Order cancellations require 24 hours notice and same-day cancellation may result in a 50% charge. We may also charge a $20 transportation fee for deliveries over $200 for certain locations farther from midtown.

Portion Guidelines

We generally suggest ordering a salad, 2-3 appetizers, 2-3 main courses and dessert. But it depends also on how hungry you are or what your event is like, so feel free to call us if you have any questions about portions or if you need our help with planning for the right portions! You can reach us at (646) 692-6494. You can also choose one of the catering packages, priced per person, when you order a catering online from this website.

Catering Menu

Appetizers (pricing per 10 people)

Eggplant with Sauce

Eggplant chunks in mildly spicy sauce of fresh tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers, onions & garlic (59)

Spicy Ezme

Minced tomatoes, garlic, onions, olive oil, green peppers, red peppers, parsley, walnuts, lemon juice, spices (59)


White beans, parsley, onion, green pepper, red pepper, olive oil, lemon juice & salt (49)


Mashed chickpeas blended with fresh garlic, tahini,& herbs (45)

Spinach Tarator

Fresh spinach sautéed with white onions, garlic and butter mixed with Lebni (55)


Thick homemade yogurt with walnuts, garlic & dill (55)

Stuffed Grape Leaves

Grape leaves stuffed with specially seasoned rice with assorted nuts, topped with olive oil (59)

Spicy Hummus

Chickpea purée, Turkish tahini, chili pepper, cilantro & lemon (49)

Baba Ganoush

Roasted eggplant purée, Turkish tahini, garlic & lemon (55)

Kibbe (Icli Kofte)

Wheat bulgur stuffed with seasoned ground lamb & pine nuts (35)

Falafel Appetizer

Ground chickpeas appetizer (39)

Mixed Appetizer

16” round platter of assorted appetizers serving more than 10 people. (79)

Salads (pricing per 10 people)

Shepherd Salad

Chopped tomatoes, peppers, onions and parsley in lemon and olive oil (65)

Mixed Green Salad

Mixed leaves with tomatoes, cucumber and roasted red pepper (65)

Mediterranean Salad

Lettuce, mixed greens, carrot, grapes, goat cheese and walnuts (65)

Arugula Salad

Fresh baby arugula, carrots, cherry tomatoes, beets and corn (65)

Anka Salad

Romaine, baby arugula, artichokes, olive, walnut, sundried grapesand cherry tomatoes (65)


Parsley, mint, bulgur, tomato, scallion, lemon, olive oil (65)

Main Courses (pricing per 10 people)

Beef Doner (Beef Gyro)

Strips of marinated beef roasted on a skewer (85)

Chicken Doner (Chicken Gyro)

Strips of marinated chicken roasted on a skewer (85)


Seasoned ground lamb, onions, parsley and seasonings (95)


Ground chickpeas (69)

Grilled Vegetables

Grilled vegetables (69)

Lamb Shish Kebab

Cubes of marinated tenderloin of lamb (95)

Lamb Adana

Ground lamb with red peppers and spices (95)

Chicken Adana

Ground chicken with red peppers, parsley and garlic (95)

Chicken Shish Kebab

Marinated chicken breast with herbs and spices (85)

Grilled Salmon

Grilled salmon marinated with dill, garlic, olive oil, black pepper and salt. (125)

Soups (pricing per 10 people)

Lentil Soup

Red lentil soup (49)

Chicken Vegetable Soup

Chicken soup with vegetables (49)

Beverages (pricing per 10 people)

Canned Soda or Bottled Water

Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero Sprite, Ginger Ale, Fanta, Poland Spring Water (1.50)

Desserts (pricing per person)


Peeled Turkish pistachios and light syrup (5.95)

Rice Pudding

Traditional Turkish vanilla rice pudding with cinnamon (5.95)